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“Fear is temporary, regret is forever”

On our last day in Nature’s Valley, with a slightly sick feeling in our stomachs, we travelled to the 216m high Bloukrans Bridge for our bungee jump. After we’d been strapped into our harness, we were led along a long metal grid bridge, which gave us a stomach-flipping view of what was to come and bounced slightly, just in case we weren’t feeling nervous enough.
Once at the bridge, everything happened pretty quickly. I had already been tagged to go first, so I was pulled aside and tied to the bungee rope as someone turned on the ‘get psyched’ cd. The guys working on the bridge were clearly aware that time spared is time to hesitate, so as soon as I was tied up they helped me to the edge, and with my heart pounding in my chest I half-jumped and half-fell off the bridge. I will admit that John had much more poise than me.


The weird thing is that once you jump all the fear melts away. The adrenaline kicks in, the world seems to spin around you and you feel completely free…for about 6 seconds. Then the bungee cord pulls taut, all the blood rushes to your head and you feel like your eyes are about to pop out. Within 20 seconds a guy had dropped down on a winch, clipped me to his belt and begun the ascent back to the bridge, which ironically is more terrifying than the jump. When you’re jumping you don’t have time to think, but when you’re hanging from a single clip looking down at the valley below getting slowly further away, there’s plenty of time for your mind to go into overdrive. Suffice to say I was happy to reach the bridge.


Exhilarated and triumphant, we made our way back along the bridge onto solid ground, and my adrenaline buzz lasted for at least the next hour. It may be a short experience, but it's definitely sweet.

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